The Perfect Mate

I added a note today on Facebook about the relationship one should have with their spouse. Yes, I still use Facebook and I also have no privacy concerns. What I post I post publicly. I don’t have any problems with that.

Here’s a link to the note on my Facebook page. Click here. Please note – you don’t have to be on Facebook to read my note there.

God bless, and have a great day.


Thinking About… Food (Floats)

I was really going through some stress yesterday when I remembered a thought – stressed is desserts spelled backwards.

So, I made myself a really good float – Chocolate Ice Cream, Orange Sherbert and Ginger Ale. It was such a wonderful discovery I had another one today!



Yes, I said howdy to you! I grew up with cowboys in Arizona. Is it any wonder I have settled in a small town in Oklahoma that’s a lot like the little town I grew up in? No, it isn’t a big surprise.

Pawhuska, the small town / city, is the capital for the Osage Nation. Another similarity to Payson, where the Tonto Apaches live. Unlike Payson, this town is also the county seat for Osage County Oklahoma.

I came to Osage County to pastor a little church about 15 miles south of where I’m living now. That was about 22 years ago. Today, I get to do what I want to do and only what I want to do. I’m living the “retired” life.

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